At STAG Partners, we have three primary areas of focus: Multifamily Renovation, Restoration & Preservation. Part of the real power and unique benefit of STAG is that it all comes together from one resource, with all the synergies and efficiencies you’d expect. Most of all, it comes with an uncommon commitment to making sure the client is happy.

Every job. Every time. No compromises. No exceptions.

This is what it means to be STAG Partners.


STAG Partners brings to the table extensive experience in multifamily renovation and redevelopment. In partnership with our clients, we aim to maximize returns by delivering renovations potential residents are drawn towards. Through this process, STAG will be there every step of the way, from performing comprehensive due diligence, overseeing the project until the last drop of paint is dry, to planning and preserving your investment through its lifespan. We won’t stop until everyone, residents and clients alike, are completely satisfied.


Whether it’s fire, flood or some other unfortunate event, STAG Partners understands the pain and potential loss associated with these events. Our team will make certain we go the extra mile to restore it back to its full glory. Many times, it’s not just restored, but even better than before. From small projects such as tub and tile restoration, to larger scopes requiring roofing repairs, exterior painting, or rebuilding apartments from the ground up, our team is prepared to guide you through this process.


STAG Partners is proud to offer an approach to preservation that’s essentially unique – and very new – to the industry. Normally with a property, maintaining it requires more than a dozen separate vendors performing a dozen different services, with a dozen separate compliance issues to address. We’re changing all of that, bringing it all under one roof. Giving you one resource, one  point of contact, and zero headaches. Done and done.